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Dear Friends,

Growing up my passion was never with numbers, which at times is a little difficult for me to explain. This is most especially because as an accountant, my occupation pretty much calls for it everyday. Math was never my strong suit in school and while I still chose to pursue accounting as a degree in college is beyond me. As the saying goes “the numbers speak for themselves,” I can honestly get lost in that language myself sometimes. Nonetheless, I would like to describe how being part of the Finance Council has taught me more than just looking at numbers, amounts, and figures.

As members of the Council, we serve to assist and advise the Pastor in carrying out the Church’s financial administration duties. We work closely in preparing the annual operating budget and together with the Pastor, review and approve the annual financial report. Having said all that, it would be easy to understand how intimidating and mundane this could all sound, especially for those not so familiar. However, the greatest purpose of the Finance Council goes beyond all that. Our main focus is on the stewardship of treasure.

 Having served on the Council, I can humbly say that we have been challenged to look past the numbers. Our monthly meetings encompass more than just reviewing reports, but more importantly discussing the investment of our faith. All that we have are gifts from God and we, as stewards, should use these gifts to help others around us. It is most certain that we look at the finances of the Church, however our deeper focus is how we utilize these gifts to better serve our community and most importantly, the Lord. While the Council could seem to be financially driven, the truth is that stewardship for the Church is paramount. Being part of the Finance Council allowed me to realize that serving is not our duty, but our devotion. We go beyond the numbers in sharing our time, talent, and treasure. With that, we invite and whole-heartedly welcome our fellow parishioners to join us in serving on the Finance Council!  

Love and aloha,    
Kristen Butac 

Visit our Finance Council webpage for a little more information.

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