Sunday Message

February 2018

Feb 12

2018 Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

LENT The Season of Lent starts on Ash Wednesday ( February 14) and ends on Holy Thursday before the evening Mass of the Lord’s supper. From then on until Easter Sunday the Church celebrates the Easter Triduum of Christ’s passion death, burial and resurrection. Lent is characterized by penance for our past sins, works of mercy...
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Feb 3

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today the readings offer us snapshots from the photo album of life. We see three related dimensions of human existence: the harshness of life, Jesus relieving us of this harshness, and the disciple preaching Jesus’s message of salvation. In their own way the readings continue the theme of discipleship and also add to the portrait of Jesus...
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Feb 1

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Gospel invites us to look at Jesus today. It comes from the beginning of Mark’s Gospel. It is setting the stage, the tone of Mark’s whole presentation. This passage is introducing Jesus to us. It is setting the foundation of who this Jesus will be to us. This passage is addressed to each of us. As an individual. As a member of a...
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