School Wide Learning

The Saint Theresa School Wide Expectations are comprise of the STS mission and core values and three themes.

I.  To know Jesus and demonstrate and witness Catholic/Christian Values.

  • Display Christ-like behavior qualities at home, in school, and in the community through words and actions.
  • Be a prayerful and responsible Catholic/Christian in the word and deed.
  • Make good moral decisions based on teachings of the Church.
  • To witness the presence of Christ in each person.

II. Be resourceful, resilient, and capable of lifelong learners.

  • Exhibit effective, communications skills and research skills (written, oral, and technological)
  • To analyze and think critically and apply sound problem solving strategies.
  • Demonstrate independent learning skills, and self0directedness in planning and implementing school tasks.

III. Be a responsible, ethical contributing member of a diverse community.

  • Show respect and appreciation for diversity throughout the world.
  • Respond to the cry for sound justice in our world today.
  • To be bridge builders with respect to relationships within out community.
  • Demonstrate respect and appreciation regarding the Arts (visual and performing)
  • Demonstrate respect and appreciation for themselves, their teammates, and members of various clubs/ activities.