Core Values

The Mission of Saint Theresa School is to provide a quality Catholic education rooted in the teachings of Jesus and the education of the whole child: spirit, mind, and body.

The Core Values of Saint Theresa School is:

1. Catholic Identity – Jesus’ presence is seen throughout the entire STS community.

2. Students First – unconditional love for our students to challenge them to do and be their best; to support their hopes and dreams; to laugh and cry with them; to hold them accountable with dignity in a lessons learned approach; to hire, train, and retrain the best faculty and staff who are role models of Jesus.

3. Professional Teaching Culture – STS establishes a professional teaching culture that supports high quality instruction.

4. High Expectations – All students can succeed.

5. Family Engagement – To build constructive relationships with families as partners and involve them in their child’s learning.

6. Continuous School Improvement – STS faculty/staff takes responsibility for students’ achievement and works to continually improve upon their own practice.

7. Service – To teach and live an enduring culture of “service above self.”

8. Lifelong Learners – To promote the joy of learning for learning’s sake as a lifelong journey.

9. School Climate – To create a joyous and supportive climate that makes all students and adults feel valued, safe, and loved.

10. Relational Trust – To foster strong connections between and among our students, faculty/staff, parents, parish community, and other schools and work hard to maintain these relationships.

11. Leadership – To have in place effective school leadership and to teach and role model leadership for our children and staff.

12. Data – To use data in an ongoing way to provide feedback and information to faculty staff as well as to monitor, assess, and support students and programs.

13. 3R’s – A school wide and academic philosophy centered on Rigor (high expectations and critical thinking skills),Relevance (best teaching practices),Relationships (strong connection between children and adults)