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St. Theresa Youth Life Ministry (STYLE)

What is Youth Ministry?

“Youth Ministry is the response of the Christian community to the needs of the young people and the sharing of the unique gifts of youth with the larger community.”

(from Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry 1997 by the USCCB.) 

To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. To draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the catholic faith community.

To foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.


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Join the St. Theresa Youth Ministry every Sunday after the 6:00 pm masses

Who can join Youth Ministry? Middle and High School Youth in Grades 6 to 12.


    The Middle School Ministry is here to develop, evangelize, grow and journey along with our children to have a more deeper closer relationship with God and to enrich them of knowledge and understanding of our Catholic Faith. MSM or also called EDGE Nights is a part of Youth Ministry but works with the grade levels from 6 to 8 (Middle Schoolers). EDGE Nights are on Thursday nights at the Pastoral Center from 6:30PM to 8:00PM.  

EDGE Nights the children are guided by Core Team Leaders of the Youth Ministry through opening prayer and gathering, Ice Breaker activities, a Video Presentation, Proclamation Testimonies, Small Group faith sharing/reflection,  and Sending off challenges with a Closing prayer.  Core Team Leaders follow a lesson format from a resource called Lifeteen Catholic Youth Ministry. The EDGE Nights lessons under the Lifeteen Catholic Youth Ministry are particularly made for Middle Schoolers grades 6 thru 8.  The Catechetical Lessons can be topics of Issues or Social subjects that middle schoolers are able to relate with and/or have been expose to through past and current events as witnessed or seen in their daily lives such as in local, US or World News. With Social Media through internet and TV, these generation of children are very expose to such topics everyday.  The children are also gathered on EDGE Nights to break bread with each other where they are not only Spiritually feed but all come together to sit at the table and be fed a nutritious dinner provided by the Core Team Leaders.  Parents do not have to worry of their children being hungry and missing dinner on a Thursday night.  

Parents are encouraged to bring their middle schoolers on Thursday nights to the Pastoral Center if their child’s schedule does not conflict with other school or family activities. It could also be a good night for Parents to have a break from their child to do errands or have a Date night with each other knowing their child are in a safe environment and occupied enriching their Catholic Faith with their fellow peers. If Parents are free and do not have anything planned for themselves on Thursday nights, they can also be involved with support and behind the scenes to help with the Middle School Ministry in other areas such as preparing the meals to set up before they break bread at the table while waiting for their child to finish the night. The Middle Schoolers will participate and also be involved in Communitry Projects and outreach services as part of their Middle School Ministry and will be combined with their fellow High Schoolers in Youth Ministry. Although EDGE nights are emphasized on catechetical lessons on Thursday nights, the children also have Social Nights once a month on the fourth Thursday of each month with a fun activity, fellowship and potluck.

Currently as-of-to date on EDGE nights we average of 15-20 middle schoolers on a weekly basis on Thursdays.  It is such a great pleasure to see how the Holy Spirit touches these young Middle Schoolers on Thursday nights. The children continue to grow and show such great enthusiasm and emphasis with questions on wanting to know more of their Catholic Faith in a comfortable setting and surrounding environment among their fellow peers.  It amazes how these children are hungry for spiritual feeding and building their deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  I continue to invite, encourage and challenge all parents of the Co-Cathedral of St Theresa families to bring your children on Thursday nights to the Pastoral Center at 6:30PM for EDGE Nights with Middle School Ministry. Also your child can bring a guest and/or their school friends as well to be a part of EDGE nights. Our doors are always Open to any child who wants to share in fellowship and get to know who Jesus Christ Our Savior is as a Friend they can have a closer and deeper relationship with.

Lucy Quisano
Middle School Ministry Coordinator



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