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CCST Parish Bible Study

Before we begin our regularly-scheduled Bible Study session, please come and share your thoughts at our Bible Study Orientation meeting on Thursday, August 3rd from 6:45 to 7:45pm in the Rectory Conference Room.  We begin our weekly Bible Study Sessions on Thursday, August 17.

--Deacon Roy

Catholic Bible Study: Will Many Be Saved?

And someone said to him, ‘Lord, will those who are saved be few?’” (Luke 13:23). These words of our Lord Jesus is a subject of Vatican II Council’s document, the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium, paragraph number 16. In the first phase of our session, we will reflect on both of these important messages from the viewpoint of the following book, as well as all applicable Bible passages which teaches us about our salvation process: Will Many Be Saved? What Vatican II Actually Teaches and Its Implications for the New Evangelization, Dr. Ralph Martin S.T.D., William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2012.

One key question we will attempt to answer is: “If it is not really necessary to become a Christian in order to be saved, why bother to evangelize?” (Ibid, pg. 5).
In the second phase of our session, we will reflect on selected Gospel passages in which Jesus teaches about the Road to Salvation.

About the parish Bible session Team Facilitator, Deacon Roy Matsuo:
Deacon Roy holds a Master of Arts degree in Religious Education, emphasis in Catholic
Theology, from the Jesuit institution, the University of San Francisco.
Deacon has taught many years of high school religion, college Theology, parish Religious Education, RCIA, and Bible Study programs and is excited about continuing with more Catholic Bible sessions here in our parish.

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See What They Are Saying About our Parish Bible Study...

Dynamic, exegetical bible study facilitated by a true master on biblical theology. Very thought provoking and concise.
–Dann E.

I was one of those late registrants for the Bible Study, signing up only for the last session-Book of Revelation. You could say I was a reluctant enrollee. I thought to myself– Bible Study and homework? How boring that could be! I was wrong. There were meaningful discussions, questions answered and key points explained (by Deacon Roy). As we tackle and reflect on the Scriptures assigned, it’s interesting to note if not a bit surprising (to me) the different perspective of each participant as it applies to the church today and one’s life as well. It inspires me to go and look at Scriptures and to see what’s actually being talked about and have an opinion of my own. I call it “Spiritual Nourishment” at work at its best. I came away with a deepening relationship with God and a greater passion for faith. I believe that Faith is a gift of God and grows when we listen more and more carefully to God’s word.
— Amy V.

It is my understanding that God has given each one of us a measure of faith and the increase of your faith is dependent largely upon ourselves. I have found through attendance at bible study since its inception here at the Co Cathedral that it is a powerful source of faith enrichment and spiritual growth. It has helped me to know the Lord better and to be more conversant about my faith life. Early each week Deacon Roy provides us with the scope of study and questions so that we can be prepared for class. What follows in class is his teaching and our participation. Encountering God with fellow parishioners in an on-going group study has made my journey fruitful and rewarding. Come join us and see for yourself!
–Zenobia O.