Sacristans are ministers in the parish who provide and coordinate the hands–on work a parish needs in order to celebrate the liturgy; they prepare and oversee the things of the liturgy.

The ministry of “Sacristan” is like that of a weaver, where a beautiful cloth is made from diverse materials. The Sacristan needs to know the meaning and purpose of the liturgy as well as the needs of the particular liturgical assembly.  

The sacristan must be ready to execute a number of varied tasks, as well as to interact effectively with all who gather for the liturgy.    

The sacristans are action-oriented people who want to “do what they can” for the parish and to become closer to Christ in the liturgy of the church. They take on myriad of tasks, and are unafraid to commit themselves to the Body of Christ through repeated presence and participation at the liturgy. 

Over the course of the sacristan’s ministry, the images, symbols and rhythms of the liturgy, along with the sacristan’s faith experiences, becomes a source of a rich spiritual reflection.  In addition, the continual relationship with parish ministries and the entire assembly, provide the sacristan many opportunities to practice the lesson of the liturgy, TO LOVE AND SERVE CHRIST IN THE MEMBERS OF HIS BODY. 

THE MINISTRY OF THE SACRISTAN IS A WORK OF INTEGRATION AND COORDINATION, OF GIVING ATTENTION TO ALL GOD’S HOLY PEOPLE, gathered for liturgy and to the things they need for their prayer.  Thus this ministry of sacristan provides a fertile ground for SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT AND GROWTH.