Usher Ministry





Hospitality Ministry

The Ministers of Hospitality (commonly called “ushers”) are the representatives of the church to the people who come to worship there.  Visitors receive their first and last impressions of our parish from the ushers.

We greet parishioners with friendliness and warmth.   As we get to know them, we call each by name.  We attempt to help parishioners with their questions and concerns.

During worship service, we help to keep order and to create a spirit of worship and reverence in and about the church.  We help latecomers to open seats.  We identify the disabled to receive Communion where seated.  We attend to emergencies with as little distractions as possible and call for professional help when necessary. 

Ushers do the offertory collections discreetly and take up the collections during the offertory procession.  Designated ushers secure the collection monies after mass for safekeeping.     Each October, we conduct the annual census count.

After each mass, we hand out the weekly bulletins and other notices.   We clean the pews and get ready for following masses.  Lost and found articles are held for parishioners to claim.

There are five teams, one for each mass.  Each team has a head coordinator and assistant.  It takes ten ushers for each mass.  While we have a core usher group for each mass, sometimes, we need to ask our parishioners to assist with the offertory collections. 

The Hospitality Ministry is a most rewarding experience.  We are in direct contact with parishioners of every ethnic group, of every social background, of every age, and of every need.  We aid other ministries during masses and see how together, we all help to create our parish community and worship experience.    If interested, please call the parish office at 521-1700.  Leave your name, contact phone number and the mass you are interested in helping.