Sunday Message

July 2017

Jul 29

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In this week’s parable of the fishing net that had gathered up good fish as well as bad fish is very similar to the parable of the wheat and the weeds.  The message is telling us to trust fully in God’s final judgment and to be patient until that time comes.  The everlasting problem of evil in the world will be finished. It...
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Jul 22

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time by Pila

In the reading for this week we are going to hear about the man who had sowed the good seed in his fields but the enemy came at night and there were now weeds in the garden too!  We don’t need to be told there are weeds in God’s kingdom.  We all know that.  The church and its leaders are not always perfect as...
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Jul 15

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time by Seminarian Pila Tulua

“Whoever has ears ought to hear.” Mt. 13:9 This Sunday, and next we will be hearing about parable regarding the Kingdom of Heaven. Today’s parable is pretty clear.  God’s Word is like a seed that can pro-duce life, but sometimes it can fall on deaf ears.  What would be the end result? That seed will not produce...
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Jul 8

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“I Am Meek and humble of Heart” Zechariah (9: 9-10) helped the Jews to correct the wrong idea they had formed themselves about the Messiah. The Messiah would indeed be powerful but above all - kind, humble and full of compassion for everyone. He would come to save not only the Jews but all men. To help people grow in the knowledge of...
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Jul 1

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

We are faced again with the cost of discipleship, but we are also comforted by the promise of the providence of God. Baptized into His Death Baptism is for us both death and life. Through it we enter into Christ’s death and we die to lives of selfishness and sin. Through it we rise with Christ to a new life freed from everything...
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