19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

At home, I used to observe my older brother and three sisters helping their children learn how to walk. The father or mother would leave the child standing on his/her feet while at the same time stretching his/her own arms to catch the child. I noticed how the child also stretches his/her arms towards the parent.

As a young kid, I was also fascinated watching the flying trapeze at home during town fiesta. As the two persons swing to and fro up in the air, the catcher would get hold of the arms of the other who would just let the catcher catch his arms while stretching his own.

Something of this sort is our attitude toward God. God is always there stretching his hands to catch us while we too stretch out our hands to be caught by God. We can call this an active presence of self before God and awareness of His abiding presence.

In every moment of our lives, we also desire to live our Christian life constantly stretching out our hands to be caught by Jesus. The Gospel underlines a hindrance – fear. Anywhere, fear paralyzes and make us lose confidence on self, on others, on God. Peter is able to walk at first, until fear strikes his heart. No wonder, on many occasions when God or his angelic messenger calls people, his first words are always: “Do not fear!” The Spirit of God is peace, and peace cancels all fear.

The Gospel says, “Jesus stretched out his hand and caught him” (Mt. 14:31). Obviously, Peter must have been stretching also his hands to be caught by Jesus. Indeed in the hour of Peter’s need Jesus came to save him. This is faith, this is grace in the midst of doubts and fears, and so, we take Jesus’ words: “Take courage, it is I, do not be afraid.”




28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday, October 14, 2017
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