Athletics and physical education are also a vital component of an STS education. The PE requirement has been increased to 2 times per week so that our students can better appreciate and learn from specialized instruction on movement, group dynamics and teamwork, and health education. The STS Beavers Athletic program offers interscholastic athletics for boys and girls in grades 4-8 in volleyball, basketball and track.

The STS Beavers athletic programs attracts over 75% of the students in grades 4-8 and is so highly regarded in both the Catholic School League and the Christian League. Our motto of playing hard and fair and having fun is one that our quality coaches teach and preach every day in practice and games. STS student athletes compete at a high level often times making it to the playoffs or final championship game and on occasion, winning the Catholic School League championship. Spend one school day at STS and you realize that there is an entire second half of the school day beginning after the 2:35 dismissal:

STS is blessed to offer an array of after school clubs and activities that not only enhance the skills of our students but more importantly guide them in being a part of a team or group. The extracurricular activities range from Student Senate, Speech club, math counts, drama club, environmental club, visions and values, choral music, band, Junior Police League, and Junior Yard Monitors. STS is also cognizant of the working parent thus a well staffed, well run, fun, and affordable early morning care program beginning at 6:00am and after school program of Kama’aina Kids until 5:30 each day.